>> Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Crossroad, ops.. Crossword.

Help me, please!! I'm doing crossword and I'm confused. Mega confused. My IQ is going to zero. So, your help is very, very much needed. Pretty please with sugar and icing on top :D

Question: The owner of a fine painting probably considers it a great --EAS-RE.

Answer: Treasure or Pleasure?

Question: One may more readily remember a FAC- if it is particularly interesting.

Answer: Face or Fact?

Oh, and if you could help me with the slogan, even better.

I have two:

Counting the stars in the sky as Malaysian Airlines aircraft glides stupendously through the night.

Fly up, up into the sky with Malaysia Airlines and reach for the stars.

Errr... pretty lame, isn't it? Yah, I'm bad at slogans. And to think that I majored in Marketing.

Note (if you haven't notice): The organizers of the contest are The Star and Malaysia Airlines.


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