>> Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Shriek at Shrek.

hehehe i watched Shrek 2 yesterday. no, no, i don't watch it in the cinema la sayang, there's one particular someone who wasn't sure to allow me watch movies in the cinema, remember?

yeah yeah, i'm guilty of supporting piracy, but what choice do i have. i want to watch it now (as those girls in the office kept rambling about it, and i don't want to be left behind - they call it peer pressure hehe) furthermore, those american surely made lots and lots of million bucks already right?

[Don't you know that our country is in top 10 in piracy and that could dampen the economy, people don't want to invest, you're fattening the Along cetak rompak, government don't get the tax revenue bla bla bla] --> talk to my hand :lol:

now that i've watch the movie, i can jeer to Ina and said, "nyeh nyeh i've watched Shrek 2", and stuck my tongue out like this :P


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