>> Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Veil.

So... did he manage to get me a tudung labuh? Haha no, but at least I bought 2 tudung separa labuh, like the one you wear to school, which I actually had wanted to buy long time ago since it is easier to wear, easier to manage my black silky hair *eceh* & easier to hide the breastfeeding Ameer with haha.

But the thing is, this kind of tudung not so popular among Malaysian Muslimat and so the choice of colour is very limited. I wanted to buy a cream colour one but what they have is something between orange and yellow. Hmm... well, think I better go on Friday to change the tudung to perhaps white or something that matches the most with my baju.

Or perhaps I could buy some cloth and send them tailored. Ermm... I think that I will do.

Oh, Aida also said that they make better tudung in Kelantan. Do they have vast choices of colors too Aida? Hmm.. should go back to Kelantan one of these days, our last visit was during Korban but we need to have a new car to get there. Our kancil is not as powerful as before, and it doesn't even have aircond! Not that I'm whining, I don't mind riding that old kancil but then, we had many times turn down our intention to go back Johore or Kelantan for that reason.

Takde sapa ke nak sponsor kereta? hehehe...


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