>> Thursday, May 06, 2004

Beauty and The eerr... Beauty

Today, Aida and I did the unexpected. We went into a beauty parlor, looking at the beauty products on the shelves, asking beautifying questions and lingering around. I think those things were done in order to delay our actual intention of going inside, or perhaps to say it in a better phrase, to warm up.

Aida, yup that Aida, was the one who brought up the idea but she seemed shy (and eager too!) to do it :lol: She kept mentioning and giving the idea (and rolled her eyes as she said that) that I should go first while she watch. Well, she might need some encouragement. So I said, lets do it.

That's how I ended up doing FACIAL during our lunch break hahaha. We however, unable to hasut Aini to do it with us. She wanted to do the asap-asap thing for her itching resdung nose, which costs only RM10 in Rawang, some ulu place in Selangor, with her duhling husband :P

But I think she did bought some beautifying thingies, Nona Roguy jamu or what, didn't you Aini? *wink*

Actually it was about time Aida brought up that idea. My last facial regimen was somewhere in October 2002 hahaha no wonder my face felt like coarse floor of an abandon house like 2-3 years as they rubbed and scrubbed my face with whatever beautifying things they called it, as those toner, moisturizer, whatever cream, vitamin, are kinda alien to me. Hah, some lady I am.

In the nutshell, it can be said that I enjoyed our visit to the beauty parlor. The people there were nice and friendly, they gave good service and we got our satisfying facial done. As for Aida, I couldn't help feeling happy for her as she walked out that parlor looking very radiant and beautiful. (Not that she wasn't beautiful before, don't get me wrong here) And with Rudolph's red nose hahaha.

Note 1: Rudolph is the naughty santa's reindeer.
Note 2: The nose became red because they poked our nose with needle-like thing with a loop in the end to take the bad, bad acne out of our face.

As for me, I felt great myself and as Aida put it, I looked pinkish hahahaha.


I can't help smiling as Ahmad gave his remark when he reached home this evening.

"Haa Ameer, tu mama tengah karang blog dia la tu." With a little emphasize on the blog word.

Haha who asked me to boast with him about the existence of this blog in the first place? Now its like having your wicked brother reading your diary. Oh my, oh my!


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