>> Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Feeling Blue.

Staring blankly at Aida's old table and feeling very very soppy. Tsk tsk.

And to think that I didn't hug her yesterday, before she left. Boohoo hoo I'm soooooo bad!

Oh, was it because her huge giant husband was around, and I wouldn't want to look like an old sentimental, fragile woman in front of all the men?

Gee... the office sounds a lot quieter, without Aida around. Sooo still, that if a cicak happen to drop from the ceiling, you could hear it. And I could listen to the noises in my brain (err, is that normal? Doctors, anyone?)

Tsk tsk.

Oi Aida... bila unit kau tu nak pindah Menara? Balik sini la oi... situ tak best!


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