>> Thursday, July 08, 2004

I guess Aishah was right when she said Kindaichi was full of violence. I bought the comic last weekend and couldn't help hoh?-ing, OMG-ing and gasping as I read through. The event of misfortune, mostly murders, are vividly illustrated. Hope the kids in Japan, and other countries where this comic is sold, did not get influenced. But the detective thingies and Kindaichi's clowning attitude surely fun to read.

But Conan is still my favourite nyeh nyeh. Guess, that's the only Kindaichi comic I'll have. I can't afford buying two comics a month. Yeah, there's always money problem to it.

Talking about money, a colleague at the office had asked me, after I told her my dengue story,"So, you banned Vista already?"

I just like froze there, and then said,"Oh, no.. not yet."

And then my head started rolling. I mean, I can't really banned or out of my own place, can I? I bought the apartment and suddenly all of those bad things happened that make you feel stupid buying it. First, I got all the rashes from bathing with the contaminated water DBKL supplied us. Then, all the parquet on the floor tertanggal-tanggal. Then, Ahmad and me got dengue. Then, during our 'holiday' in the hospital, some good KL samaritan conveniently look after our house and took along Ameer tabung, full of money. Then, what?

And to think of all the money spent buying the house...

Suddenly I feel very very stupid. Why can't I just move to our newly completed house in Sungai Buloh when the owner said she wanted to sell the apartment we're renting, instead of buying that old, near destruction apartment and get myself into financial burden?

Stupidity runs in my blood.

I guess my husband was right about selling the Sg. Buloh house. I'm felling the tension of having two houses already. Hope God gives me patience to hang in there. I'll get over this mess, I believe I will. Insya Allah.


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