>> Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I'm back!

Phew! It took me four hours to finally get my turn to do my myKad. Oh, I was supposed to rest at home, the doctor had kind-heartedly gave me MC for yesterday and today, but I thought I'll use the leave to do my myKad (and shopping) instead hehehe.

I went to foodcourt, ate nasi lemak ayam goreng and milo ice, figured that my turn hadn't come yet, so I went to the toilet to make up my face. Nyeh nyeh I do know to do magic, you know? Few dab here, few dab there, wallah! you see no acnes and the pale face become very very colorful and pretty.

When I went to JPN again, aiseh.... baru 3246 and my number was 3421. So I thought perhaps I could beratur to get Ameer's myKid to kill my time. Nasib baik tak kena kompaun sebab dah lapan bulan lewat collect the card hehehehe.

It's already 11.30 a.m. and oo la la, my turn still long way to go. Aiyah, lets tawaf the Maju Junction la to see what it got to offer. Huhuhuh turns out very BOOORRIINNGGG. But clever me bought a Nancy Drew and went back to JPN, sit there and read instead. Very clever decision indeed eh? When my number was already announced, I didn't even want to close the book hehehe.

Uh oh, what ever happened to me from the last time I blogged?

Ho? Dengue? Whatta....?

Yeah me got dengue. That deadly disease. Got it if nyamuk aedes bite you. Hmm wonder how the nyamuk can fly until nineth floor. Their sayap must be very very strong.

Thank god I'm not dead yet. So that I can continue blogging hehehe.

But actually, to tell you the truth, I was worried sick when Ahmad was warded and his platelet number was only 38. That was really really low and the hospital had informed us that they wouldn't accept Ahmad in if his platelet number was below 20. And I cried the whole night through, when people was soundly asleep. I couldn't sleep, my head kept thinking of him, and my heart prayed hard. I was like chanting,"Please don't die,please don't die, please God, help him."

But off course, I kept my cool composure in front of other people. And when I and Ameer were warded (I purposely requested Ameer to be warded too so that they could do something to his chesty cough), people kept saying "pity Ameer" and said nothing to me, instead they said,"you look healthy." Hah, if only they knew my pain.

The paeditrician had said,"This is one clever baby." Because Ameer is very very clever when it comes to refusing medicine. His legs kicking, his hands pushing our hands. He wails but at the same time, keep his mouth shut and his gum tight. There is no way you could push the medicine into his mouth, unless if you close his nose and he got no choice but to breath though his mouth. Yeah, that approach is kinda kejam, but we got no choice.

And when the medicine had successfully entered his mouth, this clever baby will force it out and vomitted. Sheesh.... our effort into the drain. But at least Ameer is OK now.

Actually, I kinda like this dengue thing, except when Ahmad is really really sick, it wasn't funny at all. Other than that, it was fun! I got more than a week MC, no need to think about whatever happened in the office, I goyang my kaki at the ward, everybody suddenly became attentive to me and the food is really really nice yum yum. And I got two sets of food because they consider Ameer as adults nyeh nyeh nyeh. If you think I look fat tommorrow, when I come to office, you'll know why.

Well, guess that wraps up everything.


Miss me eh?


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