>> Friday, July 16, 2004

Polish that under-utilized brain of yours, Tini!

I need a book on Introduction to Telecommunication. I really, really need to know about that. I do not want to be in the dark anymore. I've been working in this company for three years, but my knowledge of what exactly the company do?

Zero. Nil. Yilek. Kosong. Orak eneng. 0.

I need to know telecommunication from A-Z. From inside out. From technical to commercial.

Oh wait a minute, doesn't Mat Tabligh majored in Telecommunication Engineering? He should know, shouldn't he?

"Eh budak, ada tak buku Introduction to Telecommunication kat rumah?"

"Nak buat apa?"

"Belajar la :P"

"Ekekekekekeke (read: serve you right!). Tak sure, nanti balik rumah carik lah."

Hope the termites didn't eat that one.


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