>> Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My most hated people list.

1. Dr. Fazilah - for sticking that damn thermostat into my ear and putting wood stick on my tongue and prescribing the medicine.
2. Abah - for pinching my nose and forcing the medicine into my mouth (which I then succesfully forced it out and vomitted on Abah's kain sembahyang - Padan muka Abah bbrrr).
3. Mama - for holding my legs and arms so hard (sakitlah Mama!) so that I can't kick and push and run away, and raising her voice to me (huk huk sampai hati Mama).
4. Cik Adha - selalu bersubahat dengan Mama, paksa Ameer makan ubat kalau Abah takde.

Why la, why these people have to make my life miserable? If I said I don't want the ubat, let me be lah!

OK... so if you don't want the ubat, then don't become sick ok???
Eh, boleh ke macam tu Mama?

Tak boleh, tapi Mama dah tensi nih, jangan banyak soal ggrr.


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