>> Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Venue: Parking lot, Menara
Time: 2.27 p.m. (and Aida was late for her 2.15 p.m. meeting)

We were in Lynn's car as she perfectly parked her Iswara in the parking space when my handphone rang.

It's Mat Tabligh.

"Apa mau?"
"Buat apa tu?"
"Baru balik Metrojaya sales hehehe. Beli wallet baru yay!"
"Baper inggit?"
"Murah wooo. RM26 lebey."
"Ha!! Mahalnya?!"
Lynn and Aida chorused "Hah??!!" in disbelief.
"Saya punya wallet sepoloh ringgit je." So he explained.


That's Polo Benedetti OK? Full leather? And its actual price was RM99.90?

And the two girls had said that I better buy new wallet because the old one was, well obviously very old.

Kedekut taik idung masin tol :P


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