>> Sunday, August 08, 2004

Green House On The River Bank.

I've been admiring the green house on the river bank at the first moment I set my eyes on it. I don't know where that place is, as I am not familiar with the roads in Kota Bharu, but I can remember the river and will always glance and drool over the house everytime we passed it.

My jaw will drop (with saliva dripping), my eyes wide open and my head goes agagagagaga. I want! I want! The house is super, super cool.

There are lots of beautiful bungalows in Kota Bharu, mind you, but this one really really make me cringed inside to have such a bungalow. Perhaps many will not agree with me, and say that the house is just another ordinary bungalow, but there's one part of the house that I really admired.

It's the hall (I assumed it is) that is built angling 45 degree from the other part of the house, overlooking the river. I can imagine myself resting on a rocking chair in the hall, looking over the river as I sip my cup of tea, listening to the serenity of flowing water and watching the birds flocking the trees on the river bank.

And last Saturday, on our way to the Airport, we passed the house again and I forgot to hide my admiration.

That's when I knew whose house is that.

BIL: That's ZI house.
Me: Eh? Sounds like an UMNO guy to me. (Thinking why his name is so familiar to me)
BIL: He is. Muka tak malu bertanding kerusi XXX.
MIL: Banyaklah karotnya dia ni.

Then I remember. Ooooo, he's Uncle Z Aida been talking about last time. Hohoho, betul la Aida, memang rumah mamat tu rupanya yang aku dok admire.

I wish we could afford to have such a house. And if we could afford it, I wish Mat Tabligh would allow us to have such a house. Because... you know, Mat Tabligh is so Mat Tabligh.



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