>> Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Walking down the Memory Lane.

"Maju, maju, maju segera maju
Berbaris menempuh rintangan
Tun Fatimah maju segera maju
Mencapai cita-cita dan harapan ibu pertiwi!" --> this part is so fast that sometime even we do not know what the heck we're singing!

Tsk tsk. Old skool song.

I thought I had forgotten the song, considering the ratio of decreasing memory parallel to my age, but no, I hadn't. Perhaps, you could forget a lot of things, but not your old school song.

And you just couldn't forget the hall. The hall smells of wood, old and damp yet nice to breathe. The old piano at the corner of the stage. [I could vividly see Carol playing it]

And the stage.

Where the teachers sat and stared at you during Assembly. It's like saying,"We are watching you." [But some of the naughty ones nodded off or chatted, just like us kids did hehehe]

Where we played our roles in dramas. And dance. And wore beautiful costumes.

[I still remember the red dress (from the school wardrobe) I wore for Phantom of The Opera dance, and it is very, very beautiful! But I forgot to take a picture of me wearing that, sheesh]

Where the bandgirls played their instrument, their music is so beautiful that no one could not feel proud of them. (They even played in Australia, you know?)

This is a place where girls rock! This is the place where I can truely be free. Free to sing, to dance, to act, to play, to be vogue (as if I'm ever vogue). It's a carefree life.

Off course, there's rule. But what rules are for if not to be broken?

p/s: I had wished for an all girls university, but then, I wouldn't have met my husband if such university exists, would I?


Kota Bharu menggamitku datang.

Err... sebenarnya suamiku di Kota Bharu yang menggamitku datang ke sana muehehehehe. Susah payah pon sanggup ku hadapi, chewah!

Blah la lu Tini.


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