>> Friday, July 30, 2004

[Translated into English]

"Where are you?"
"Kota Bharu."
"Eh? I thought you are supposed to be in Kuantan and Terengganu first."
"It's a long story." He seemed reluctant to tell me.
"Make it short."
"Erm..." Still reluctant.
"People there are not ready, eh?


Now I know why people are complaining of the ineffiency of my company. (Actually I knew it loooooooooong time ago) My husband got it everytime. He made arrangement with them (my company's staff), but they failed to turn up or did not deliver their work on time. And that make my husband's laid out plan out of the way, and he needs to replan his plan.

But hope he will be in Kota Bharu as planned next week. If not, MIL and DIL will look at each other and tried at their best to understand what the other is talking about. Heheheh.

(Oh, I managed to grab one Polo Beverly Hills luggage at RM89.50, 50% discount, yesterday at Jusco. OK or not ha?)

Married with an Al-Kelantani for three years but still cannot understand their dialect. What la you Tini!

They have English course, French, Japanese, even Mandarin. But don't they teach Kelantanese anywhere? Help anyone?


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