>> Thursday, July 29, 2004

Going to leave the office early today. I need to check out whether Aida is telling us the truth about Metrojaya sales *wink*

Hope to buy a luggage, the one with roda at a bargain. We need one for our holiday to Kelantan next week. Since I will be travelling alone with Ameer, so a luggage with wheels is very, very necessary.

Oh, haven't I told you? Mat Tabligh went outstation last Tuesday. And we will be meeting him at Kota Bharu on Tuesday night next week.

Yeah, yeah.... naik ERL lagi. Best, best! 

Hmmm.... and now that Mat Tabligh is not around, when will Puteri Gunung Ledang be screened eh? *tanduk*

p/s: terujanya tengok M Nasir hehehehe.


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