>> Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Lynn decided not to move. I know, I know you love me Lynn, you couldn't bear the thought of leaving me, kan? Kan?

Yay! Yippie yay! Dum diddie dum!

I'm selfish. Snickers.

But it's not me who influenced her decision OK? I didn't say anything about it before, eventhough I feel very, very sad inside. I even gave her my moral support.

One by one is leaving me huhuhuh. First Aida, then Ina, next Lynn.

But this morning, she told me she's not going to leave. Yay! Weehee!

[Feel like dancing on the floor]


Uh oh, but if you decide to move anywhere you'll like, go ahead Lynn. I'm just being the selfish me *grins*

*group hug*

Friends Forever.


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