>> Thursday, August 19, 2004


Last night, Mat Tabligh came back home with a box of dunkin donuts and something else for me. Its a 128MB thumb drive!

[Still grinning]

Why you bought me this?
That day you said you want one.
(Auww.. he remembered tsk tsk)
Hmm.. what shall I do with this?
I don't know, you're the one who want it in the first place.
My pc in the office don't have CD drive laa, how to install the driver?
Share la with orang lain punya PC.

(Lets see if he buy me CD drive next time hohoho.)

Yeah, he didn't buy me jewelleries. He flourished me with technical gadget and stuff instead. It's not romantic, but very practical indeed. I guess I'm beginning to like practical man as oppose to the romantic one. (I have no choice, I'm married to one!)

Technology maketh a man hehehe.

I'm gonna put all Ameer's pic in the thumb drive and show it off to my friends. They have been bugging me for the pics for ages. Sampai tak larat nak melayan hehehe. I'm lazy to upload it to fotopages or photobucket, so thumb drive would be perfect to me.

Oh, Mat Tabligh is calling Ameer, Al-Budet. Cute eh?

Al-Budet is going to be 1 this 9th September. Geez, time flies. Is this for real? I'm thinking of throwing a birthday celebration, makan-makan party but perhaps not. Wait for his second birthday la kot. We're broke!

(Tapi ada hati nak joli moli kat Jalan TAR esok dengan the other Gang of Four hehehe)

And, Lynn is playing old English songs, the ones during our primary school, and I can't help singing along hehehe.

All summer long, we've been together...


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