>> Friday, August 20, 2004

FICKLE YOU! (An angry note yet gentle word since I don't do vulgar)

It was the best laid plan. I was geared up and all excited for the shopping outing with the girls.

But guess what?

My boss, of all sudden, at 12.00 noon, asked me to finished up the proposal paper that a colleague of mine didn't do good since she got no data to construct her paper at that time, and I have to get it done by 3 p.m. It's a Management Paper mind you, and I have like, few hours to have it done? What the... fickle?

Ggrr ggrr.

Boiling boiling hins hins patience tini have patience.

And to top up with my frustation, the girls went oohs and aahs about their shopping, just to make me jealous ggrr ggrr.

Just you wait Prof Higgins, just you WAIT!


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