>> Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Saturday, Aug 21
I did nothing. I lepaked with Ameer on the bed and watched tv, while Ahmad spring cleaned the apartment teehee.

Sorry for being a lazy bum, but Ameer seems to follow me everywhere I go so I can't do the housechore without him hanging on my legs. Excuses, excuses.


And oh boy, what an excellent job Ahmad did. The apartment transformed from zizz to zazz in just an hour. Wow!

Then, the lazy bum and her kid transformed the apartment back to zizz in minutes.

Sunday, Aug 22
We went to Sungai Buloh to check out our house. Ggrr angry angry!

The grill is horrorly ugly, the lights blink blink and sounded bbzz bbzz before it finally switched on, and only two fans are installed. One for the living room and one in a bedroom. Laaa... camne tu bang?

But the contracter insisted that he was right, and we were wrong, by saying that we only instructed him to install two fans only.

Ggrr we paid RM3k+ for what?

Ok, enough about that. In the evening, we went to KLIA to temankan Ubai who just came back from Egypt while he waited for his flight back to Kota Bharu. We lepaked at KFC, where there is one huge playground with a mock aeroplane.

Boy, was Ameer so excited! He climbed the plane as if he's a big kid, crawled inside the cockpit and stand next to the control panel as if he's driving the plane hohohohoh.

Ahmad then had to promised this,"Nanti Abah belikan toys ye?" to the sulking baby when he had to part with the plane.

Monday, Aug 23
Received a call from the lawyer for my Vista Angkasa Apartment. Duh, still pending the DBKL thingy?

Apparently, I need to fill in Borang Permohonan Membeli Rumah. To do that, I need to go to Menara DBKL at Bandar Wawasan. Uh, where is that?

In the afternoon, I tagged along Ahmad who wanted to go to Midvalley. Hookay, I need to remember this, Ahmad's view of shopping is an hour stroll at IT City, duh. But at least Ahmad remembered his promise and bought Ameer the colourful alphabet carpet / puzzle, whatever its name is.

At 4 p.m. I tried to look for the Menara DBKL since I've checked the Internet that the counter shall be opened until 5 p.m. for August so that people can pay their quit rent. Like a crazy women I walked in the city, then in despair I asked the bellboys at Renaissance Hotel where the hell menara DBKL is.

"Laaaa Menara DBKL jauh kak." Dia gelak-gelakkan aku.

Uh, how far?

"Itu kena masuk Kg. Baru tu."

Hookay, now you tell me how to go there.

"Okay akak jalan terus, lepas traffic light tu, sebelah kanan. Ok, akak nampak tak bangunan tinggi 3 cabang tu?" Another bellboy told me. Now you're talking.

Nampak, nampak.

"Haaa, itulah Bandar Wawasan."

Hek eleh, you said so jauh one, but for my standard, kacang je tuh. I've walked waaaayy jauh when shopping at Jalan TAR.

But my efforts are for nothing as the counter was already closed at 4.30 p.m. Apparently, this counter is not the same as the other counters mentioned in DBKL website *sigh*

Tuesday, Aug 24
0845: SMS Boss - Need to EL, going to DBKL for urgent matters
0900: "Yang, goreng nugget yang." Hookay, nuggets and hash brownies siaaappp!
1015: Ahmad dropped me at Menara DBKL (dan aku kena gelak dgn Pakcik Guard yang ada masa aku dtg semalamnya kol 4.32 petang tu muehehehe)
1110: Vista Angkasa for Ameer's Sijil Kelahiran and our Sijil Nikah
1145: Menara toot toot to get somebody's signature as my majikan, fotostating my pay slip and other documents needed.
12++: Aiyak, why sakit perot nging nging.
1301: Klinik Zalifah. "Nak jumpa doktor ke? Datang pukul 2 ye?"
1315: Lynn, "Eh, you dah makan ke?" Alamak Lynn, tak berani nak makan ler, sakit perot umph.
1407: Klinik Zalifah. "Semalam you makan apa?" Nasi Beriani, doctor. "Oh, patutlah. Rempah dia banyak sangat tu." Yay, got MC! No need to EL heheheh.
1445: "Yang, my Pantai card with you ah?" Erk, ye la. Ok, you wait for me at Klinik Zalifah. Hohohoh Ahmad also got MC, sakit perot jugak.
1530: Zzzzzzzz.

Oh, Ahmad built a box from the newly bought coulourful alphabet carpet / puzzle for Ameer. The kid was so excited playing in the supposedly fort, and destroying it.

Kesian Abah hohohoho.

Wednesday, Aug 25

Oh Auww.

Masa kami sampai ke Nursery tadi, the other kids exclaimed, "Ameer!" as if they had never seen Ameer for ages. When I put him down, they gathered around him and greeted him tenderly, Ameer Ameer.

Ameer looked very happy and pleased with the layanan the older kids are giving him. And he forgot about me! Didn't even care when I left him boohoo. Kalau dulu, mesti menangis dah.

Lah, dulu masa menangis Mama komplen, tak menangis pon komplen jugak? Hehehe.

Anyway, its good to know your kid is loved. Tsk.


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