>> Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yesterday was another hectic day for me. Since the new corporate culture of the company shall be imposed by September 1, guess I better do the necessary private matters now, before the stricter rules are in placed teehee.

(Tegas wooo CEO baru, baca perutusan dia sungguh OUCH!)

At eleven, I went to KL Sentral to shoot myself hahaha. Jokin'! Shoot a passport photo, the two guys in the kedai were soooo cute nging nging and have a chat with the cutest one about digital cameras that I might want to buy. Hehehe I'm not making up excuses to talk to him OK? I AM thinking of buying a new digicam [cover line]

(Oh no, I've sinned! But don't you worry, I've told Ahmad already and he had cubit me for this :lol:)

At twelve, Ahmad called to inform that he already get his documents ready, and asked me to go to Foodcourt since he was hungry. We were supposed to go find a Pesuruh Jaya Sumpah (PJS) but we proceed to MidValley instead to once again check out IT City. He bought himself a cool MP3 Player at RM295, which he claimed shall be used to hear Quranic verses only. Hope so.

Since he really, really wanted to have the MP3 player, he had to approve my request to buy a digital camera in exchange to me approving him buying that muehehehe. In marriage, we've got to find a win-win situation for everything, no?

Then we went back Vista for Zuhur prayer. After he came back from Surau, we were supposed to go find PJS but Ahmad insisted on uploading all his Quranic verses to his newly bought MP3 player first, and he became soo absorbed into the MP3 thingy that he left the apartment and car key inside the locked apartment, and I didn't have my keys with me. Ggrr boiling boiling.

Malas nak cerita bab nih, so I fast forwardkan the story. Then we went to the city and crazily tried to find a PJS. Pusing punya pusing, then we found one at Kompleks Wilayah. Fancy how a PJS works, signs documents and get paid hehehehe. Anyway, at last we were able to submit our borang permohonan membeli rumah to DBKL for pindah milik proses. Hope there will be no other problem and dbkl to produce the consent soon.

And I went back to office at 4.30 p.m., and stayed until 5.45 acting like a dedicated worker teehee.


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