>> Monday, September 13, 2004


No, it supposedly HUIYOOO! with muncung lips.

Mat Tabligh made roti canai last night. Not the instant one that you bought in supermarket, but the real one. When he said he wanted to make roti canai for dinner, I was stunned.

"Tau ke nak buat?"
"Ala cuba je. Pernah tengok orang kampung saya buat."
"Oooo." (But still unconvinced)

And he made a delicious roti canai indeed. Nyam nyam. Funny thing is, roti canai is actually made from flour, butter and egg only. But the difficult part is on how to tebar the roti, which my husband miserably failed in doing :D

Now that he knew how to make roti canai, he wanted to quit his job and be a roti canai seller instead.

Erk, I take back my huiyoo :P


Aini had commented a few days ago in her blog that Malaysian has the tendency to misjudge the tudung labuh donner as sekolah agama ex-student and studies religion when she might be actually studying medicine, engineering etc., and how we as a Muslim should excel in both religous and worldly knowledge.

With this, I would love to inform that Malaysia actually provides the way for those people who want to excel in both discipline. You could contact JAKIM for more information on the program. Be quick, since the deadline is another one month from now.

I heard about this piece of information from Abe Mir, my BIL, yesterday.

Surprisingly, Zaki, one of the brothers, who is studying in MRSM and will be taking SPM this November, is very keen in becoming a Hafidz and professional. I was stunned when I heard this.

I was like, THAT ZAKI?, who always had girls (yep, not one girl but girlS) calling him up and he will hang with the girls for hours, speaking very very softly. So I said to Mat Tabligh, "Lepas ni Zaki takleh la jadi Mat Jiwang lagi." Hehehehe.

His reply was,"He still can be jiwang, but jiwang to Allah."

Huhu insaf, insaf.

Well, we never know the potential of other people eh? Sometime we don't even know ours.

Zaki used to be the rebellious one, speaks very little and looking very rough. But he turned out to be the Head Student and Head Prefect of his school. MRSM lagi you! Where other kids look up on him. And he gave good example indeed. He is disciplined, has good manners and excel well in academic. And now, he wants to be Hafidz. Alhamdulillah.

I guess, there's potential in everybody and we should never give up on ourselves.


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