>> Sunday, October 17, 2004

During a nap on Saturday afternoon, I had a bizarre dream. Andrew (yes Andrew, you didn't read wrong) is getting married with my cousin Farah, which I don't have, and he cut his long hair for the occasion hahaha and looking nice in Baju Melayu Johor. But the wedding went chaos, I don't remember why though. Hmm very bizarre eh? Having somebody you don't personally know in your dream. And a bit frightening too. It's like, whatdahell are you doing in my dream?

Whatever it is, he's looking fine in my dream teehee.

The girl who won Who Will Win TV Spokesperson is very very lovely, and charming. I'm glad she won, instead of the getik others. She looks like Elaine Daly, but with a better nose teehee. And a lot cuter too.

Oh, and I don't mind marrying the queer Thom, if I get to live in his creative touch of interior design. Geez, that 'man' is so damn creative! Does he really transform those apartment in a day? That's super cool.

Check out his touches at Queer Eye for the Straight Guys on 8TV. You'll know what I mean.


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