>> Monday, October 18, 2004

The women were warned about using their sexuality to finish their assignments and win the competition. FINALLY!!! Trump should have warn them since Week 1. Shameless women ggrr.

I'll bet Nick will be demotivated from the beginning if he were to be in the Protege Corporation. A man of moral, he is. But sadly, he didn't get the job. Tsk tsk. Oops, sorry for the spoiler guys :D

I missed the part where Sam was fired. Ah, darn! That's supposedly the best part of all. Anybody care to tell?

Misha Omar is so cute in the Laurier advert. The advert looks very refreshing and energetic. Not some "popular" other who looks kinda weird in an Astro advert. Trying so hard to look cool and hip, but sadly to say, NOT! You're so yesterday.

You know who I mean, right? :evil:

Erk, tolak markah aku pose. AMPUN.

p/s: I've already have my trip to Penang Island half way written in my husband's laptop. Will update later.


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