>> Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm pleased with myself for being able to hasut Mat Tabligh into moving to the current apartment we're living in about two years ago. Looking at how convenient it is to live next to lrt station, plus my office is only a station away, we then decided to buy the apartment. Eventhough it's kinda shaggy. And old.

Now that it's Ramadhan, I'm even more pleased.

While other people has to leave the office at 5 on the dot, get stuck in the jam, only to reach home just in time for break fast, I can still goyang kaki in the office, browse the Net for juicy gossips of Malaysian entertainment industry, drool over cute Korean heroes, read synopsis of yesterday's Meteor Garden, blogging and whatnot, and still get to reach home before six to catch my daily dose of Chibi Maruko Chan. And no, I didn't have to run like Aini did :D

My life's good. Please envy me teehee.

The girl who glanced longingly at me from her car yesterday must have envied me. She should, since her car wasn't moving from the moment I walked out of Menara, till I reached the lrt station. That bad huh?

Oh, cooking dinner you ask? Sorry... I don't quite understand your question :P


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