>> Thursday, October 28, 2004

[Puke, if you may]

I remembered asking him, vigorously and many many times six year ago, why me?

I mean, he's so jejaka idaman and I'm not. He's so good, Islamisasi and all, he participated in Musabaqah Al-Quran... you know, the type of guy parents would love to have as son-in-law, and I obviously not. He could pick any "Gadis Melayu Terakhir" that he wants, girls who don baju kurung and walk gracefully, who speak softly and politely, and call him Abang. He had girls begging for his love who, had nerves to ask him to break up with me ggrr.

Of all people, me? The rough girl who wore torn jeans and old slippers to class? Who speaks unfashionably and doesn't care about good girl manners? Who pukes at his attempted punch lines? Who is stubborn and heartless?

Apart from love at first sight as he claimed, what else? (Well, he did called me the night he first saw me in the library, God knows how he got my number) I mean, do you really believe in that? This is not soap opera. This is real life, everything gotta have reasoning.

He either gave me stunned face, or stuttered in his breath, or twisted the coversation.

And he never actually gave me answers till today.

Only now however, do I understand why the stunned face. Why would he need any reasons to love me, when he does not have to?

For love need not a reason. He just, love.

And so do I. Without a reason.

:ready to sprint and hide:

[Dah muntah dah?]


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