>> Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blogging in advance.

One whole day SLA/SLG Workshop. Run to Level 26 at 1030 for a meeting with Ttdotcom.

The workshop continues. Argh, I so hate Workshop. It wouldn't be that bad if I were in the same group with that cute guy from costing. Never mind, I can still skodeng him from afar, eh? :tanduk:

Oi, you have delivarables, remember? Nak skodeng2 orang pulak :P

Lepaking I hope.

On Leave. Yahoo! I'll spend my day shop shop shop shop shop shop shop! until I kiok.

[Hopefully I need not puasa on this Friday :tanduk:]

Do you think I can find a nice baju kurung Johor for men in Jalan TAR? You know, the Teluk Belanga one. If not, I think I'll shop at Johore instead. But the thing is, Johore would be more expensive than KL. Yup, our cost of living is higher (or more or less the same) than you guys in KL.

Hopefully Ahmad is able to bring us to Johore. I heard he's going to Seremban today, and perhaps Kota Bharu next. Really really hope he can be back to KL before Saturday, and transport us to Johore.

Sunday - Thursday
At No.92, Jalan Parit Ibrahim, Benut. Insya Allah.

Thursday night
Back to KL. Tsk, bye bye Mak.

Fly to Kota Bharu in the evening.

[I tell you, maintaining relationship with the Kelantan people is expensive. If you still persist, find the one who LOVE driving]

Eh, do you think I should shop in this Friday morning instead? That time surely my bargaining power is powerer muahahahah. Can get cheap cheap one.

Saturday to Sunday
At Kampung Belukar Salor, Kota Bharu. Insya Allah.

[Lynn said Ameer will be coolest baby in Kota Bharu with his baju raya I bought for him at Jumbo Raya sale in Menara nyehehehe]

Sunday night
Choo-choo. Back to KL by train. Cool experience. Classic.

So, that's my itinery for the next three weeks. Pretty good planning eh?

Tengok kaki la beb.


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