>> Wednesday, October 13, 2004


My boss is in Seremban right now. I don't know when she will be back. So, I'm taking the opportunity to sit back and relax, while Lynn spanking her ass to do the secretarial work for our AGM. MUAHAHAHAHA.

I just realized that I have yet 90% of my salary in the bank account, and its only 13 days more to get the next salary (and there's rumour for a bonus). If I were to pay the car loan repayment, credit card and whatnot, I still have lots of money. Hmmm... that's pretty unusual.

Is there any expenses that I had left out? :think hard:

Erm, perhaps I can save the money for a new paint coat in the living room. And a new sofa.

[This statement is being made to deter people from asking me to belanja]

Eh wait a minute! Boss is not in? Jalan TAR, here I come! MUAHAHAHAHA.


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