>> Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I couldn't stop smiling.

The workshop that I'm attending right now is also attended by that cute guy from costing. Argh, of all people, why him!?


Attending workshop always make me more bizarre than usual.

But I guess I'm not the only guilty one. Jaja also had agreed with me in another Workshop we've attended before, that, that guy really is cute. Now, before you have the impression that we have nothing else to do during workshop rather than oggling at the cute guys, let me tell you how tiring and brain consuming a workshop in TMWS can be.

And just now, a friend of mine from TMR nudged me and asked, who's that cute guy?

So, it's not me OK? He IS cute.

Funny thing is, everytime we mention how cute he is, we always then say out loud, "Hhmm, guess how many children he has?"

Hahahaha note how valuable married men are.


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