>> Sunday, October 10, 2004

Mat Tabligh is into swimming again.

He stopped swimming somewhere around last year when he started to become a Mat Tabligh. Perhaps the trip to PD sparked his long lost passion to swimming.

So we went for a shopping spree at Midvalley to check out the latest swimming gear on Saturday morning. His old ones were nowhere to be seen in the house. Furthermore, he wouldn't want to wear those kinky seluar ketat anymore now that he's a Mat Tabligh hehehe. So he resorted for bermudas.

Phew... I never knew swimming would cost you a lot. He bought a blue swimming shirt (which I should say undeniably make him more handsome than usual) at RM80+ from Jaya Jusco at 10% discount and a matching blue goggle at RM28+ from Carrefour. Luckily he didn't buy swimming cap (which is unnecessary now that he's bald), flippers and whatnot, which he had eyed quite interestingly at Jaya Jusco.

We also bought a nice cute red and yellow swimming suit for Ameer, very cheap one at Carrefour. Teehee, I'd say Ameer looked like Ultraman, but Mat Tabligh commented that it's so Baywatch.

Don't you find it suspicious that Mat Tabligh knows how the Baywatch people looks like? Hmm....

And to compensate with his unnecessary spending, or to shut my mouth up to be exact, he bought me a new black shoes weehee!

Then on Sunday morning, we headed to Pantai Panorama, as in Pantai Panorama Condo not Panorama Beach, to swim. Mat Tabligh has a spinal specialist tabligh friend from South Africa who lived in the condo, and that's how we get to pass the tight security.

Phewiiittt!! There's a lot of gorgeous Mat Salleh babes clad in bikini in the swimming pool. Hahaha, pity Mat Tabligh. He didn't dare to swim across the swimming pool to the other end.

Well, Ameer had fun too. At first he was a lil bit scared, and didn't want to pakai his duckie pelampung. So, I had to go in too and hold him while he splashed water, kunun-kunun swimming and chased his duckie.

Hohoho he refused to stop eventhough he's turning blue!


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