>> Friday, October 08, 2004

I woke up at 3 in the morning coughing vigorously. Oh, man! This is killing me. I couldn't get back to sleep after that, tossing here and there. I even thought of blogging, about my lunch date with Fred the afternoon before. But sadly, my brain didn't want to co-operate.

Determined to fast with my ailing condition, I got up at 5 for sahur and ate my medicine. Like what I had expected, the medication made me drowsy, but I had to make some amendments for the presentation to TMR today. So, I stayed up until 6 to do my work, emailing people about my condition, asking them to help me prepare for the meeting, like printing the presentation material, setting up the infocus,laptop and whatnot, just in case I overslept.

After Subuh prayer, I started feeling the pain in my stomach. Gastric again! Adeh.

I was still determined to go to the office actually. Because I was worried with what will happen to the presentation if I'm not there. What if the infocus and laptop had yet to be set up? What if the refreshment didn't come in time? Who's going to take the minutes of meeting? And things like that, you know.

Then at 8.53 a.m., I received sms from my boss, saying that all those things were being taken care of. She had asked my colleagues to ensure everything run smoothly. She even adviced me to take care of myself. Auww!

As of today, she's a good boss. And the most important thing of all, she's not scary teehee.

And to stop those speculations about me, I didn't buy the MC ya? Doctor Wong gave it to me and said,"Stop worrying" while scribbling sanskrit on my medical card.

To Fred, I really appreciate your willingness to have lunch and anyam ketupat with me. Helped me to de-stress, really. Muahs.

Oh, just in case you start to think something bizarre, Fred is one of the 926 Srikandis. Its a SHE :D


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