>> Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dear Reader/s (if any),

I'm sorry for being unproductive lately. Instead of talking about life, religion, what's happening in the world, some intelligent stuff and whatnot, I talk about cool guys. Which is very very silly.

The thing is, I need to be silly.

Because I'm totally stressed out. My workload is draining my energy, and affecting my health. For the last three weeks, I had flu, I coughed like hell, the phelgm in my throat is damn thick I can't spit it out, and my whole body is aching. And that "youngest tooth" couldn't find better time to grow. My gum is very painful, and it is hard to swallow my food. I get gastric now and then because sometimes I don't even have time to have proper lunch. Maggi in the cup becomes my staple food.

Yesterday I had the worst stomachache I'd ever have and my leg felt like woogley boo.

Oh, and my face is like hell. Acne finds it interesting to land on my face because I had ignored my face ever since the PD trip. I forgot to bring my facial cleanser and scrubbed my face with soap instead. Moisturizing & toning? Please don't ask me that. My hair is worst! Shampooing takes time, and I don't have the time because Al-Budet kept banging on the toilet door, screaming and wailing like there's no tommorrow.

My body is failing me but I had been refusing to see the doctor. The medication would make me drowsy and I didn't want to be drowsy. Who's going to do my work?

I went to see the doctor yesterday though. I had thought that the illness will go away on its own, but that's a false hope. So I got four different pills, but still avoiding the cough pills.

Oh, and I have another presentation with TMR tommorrow!



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