>> Monday, December 20, 2004

Funny how babies do that thing they do.

Ameer will have his legs, arms AND his head on the floor, with his butt high in the air. He looks like he's trying to do the somersault. Geez, I don't know from where he learned that. Perhaps from the older boys in the nursery.

He keeps on blabbering while his finger points to something.

Sometimes he sits properly, with his red car in one hand, and the other hand will flip the pages.

Once in a while, he claps perhaps for saying,"Yay, I'm so clever!"

That's him reading his My First Big Book of Words.

(But why the somersault stance?)

I'm so happy that my son is already interested in reading. I hope that my reading genetic is a lot more powerful than his father's sojournic genetic.

And thanks to Ameer newly-found interest to books, I managed to dig out a secret Ahmad is trying to hide from me. One fine evening, Ameer brought me a booklet for me to read along. So I read.

It says, User Guide for Display Card.

Hookaaayyy, so somebody bought a new graphic card. I gave him my what-are-you-guilty-of glare and asked,"Budak, ni apa ni?". As usual he gave me his tapir look and stupidly giggled. I gave Zaki a don't-you-dare-siding-him glare and asked,"Ni bila Abe Mat beli ni?" Well I know Zaki wouldn't lie. So he told.

Hah, you lier!

Well, actually he didn't lie. He just didn't tell me. Like last time, he didn't tell me when he wanted to buy a RM300+ play station, a RM280 speaker, and lots more. He only told me (and that was through phone, mind you) after the purchase was made and his first word would be,"Budak, don't be angry." Whenever he said this keramat word, I know.

He's afraid I'll disagree if he told me before hand. Off course la I will, why would we want all those things? Oh, its for father and son bonding? Yeah right, Ameer wasn't even born that time.

But, I lied a lot too. Nyehehehe like, telling him that the facial only cost me RM30 when its nearly a hundred. Like, telling him the Baju Kurung Sutera Vietnam is only RM50 when it's actually RM120.

And he believes me without doubt. How he would believe such a fine cloth priced so cheap is beyond me. When it comes to clothes/ handbags / shoes, you could deceive a guy, I think.

Hohohoho I guess we're even.


This reminds me of my Abah.

Scenario 1
Tini: Waaa, cantiknya jam ni bah?
Abah: Ada orang kasi kat sekolah tadi.
Tini: Ooo.
Mak: Yelah tu ada orang kasi.
Abah buat muka selamba.

Scenario 2
Abah buka bonet kereta.
Tini: Yahooo, durian. Banyaknya!!! (Lompat macam monyet)
Ajis (another Hantu Durian, my rival): Ni abah beli kat mana ni? Banyak betul.
Abah: Ada orang bagi.

Kat dapur, tengah excited buka durian.
Tini: Sapa bagi ni Mak? Baik hati betul bagi banyak macm ni.
Mak: Mana ada orang bagi. Kalau Abah cakap ada orang bagi, tapi tak bagitau sapa bagi, maknanya dia beli la tu.
Tini: Ooo.

I still wonder why. Perhaps my father wouldn't want to tell his kids that he spent money for them because we were poor back then, so that we weren't worried of our financial problems. Or perhaps, it just a father's ego to hide the fact that he didn't mind spending his money for his kids because he loves them so.

I believe it's the latter.


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