>> Monday, December 27, 2004

The hardest thing about your job
is getting started.

My boss had been bugging me for the proposal paper since Thursday. She will be on leave for nearly two weeks starting today, so she would want to read through our proposals during her 'laze' days.

Eversince Thursday, I had been lazing around. The proposal paper seemed too hard to write. Reading other people's blog and writing mine seems easier teehee.

We were supposed to submit our proposals by Friday, but me being the black sheep, managed to hasut the other girls to submit theirs (each of us has a proposal to submit) after the deadline, so that I won't look incompetent :evil:

But this lazing around thing should stop. I tell myself that I have to get my work done. If not, it will haunt me like, forever.

Thank Allah, at 4 this evening, the words started coming to my brain. I opened Word and started writing my proposal. And guess what? After one and a half hour later, the proposal paper was finished. The idea just kept on flowing... like water in the river.

Perhaps I should tell my boss that, me writing a proposal is like blogging. When the ideas come, they come. If they're not, there's no way I could get my proposal done.

Now that my mind is clear of burden, the tanduk, not one but two, can emerge under the tudung woohoo!

Psst Lynn, the movie date on Wednesday, still on eh?

:wajah yang riak dan takabbur:


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