>> Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Err, this is unhealthy development.

My son is showing interest to music. Rock music to be exact. Everytime he hears the sound of guitar and drum, he starts to dance. He taps his feet on the floor like carnibals doing the hungga-hungga, shakes his head headbanging-like, claps his hands and giggles away.

I've never seen him as happy as that at other times. He has the broadest smile ever while dancing, and the merriest giggle.

:hands on my forehead:

Mat tak-berapa-nak Tabligh, could you please loose those fingers from the keyboard and start reciting Qoran? Your son is getting the influence from my TV, and I still have this important Korean movies to watch :stern face:

:turn my back and continue tv-ing:


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