>> Wednesday, December 29, 2004

All that glitters not gold.

Me and Ahmad were dumbstrucked one evening when we were in KB.

"Ni Ubai nok gi mane nih?"
"Gi KB."
"Syah nok beli barang kemah."


Notice the word "nok"? Means, it is the girl who demanded the jewellery, not the parents or, in this case the father, who wanted to give her as a present. And the girl is only 14 years old for god sake.

All I could do at that time was, blink blink my eyes and zipped my lip.

When we were her age, me and my brothers never demanded such luxury. We wore the same baju, beg and kasut to school as long as it's wearable, or should I say four to five years?

My mother even begged me to buy new shoes, because holes are everywhere. But I refused until my second brother, who had started working, bought me one. Perhaps he noticed my old shoes under the tangga when he's home for raya. Yes Syaol, the old-rumah-kayu tangga you and Leila went ga-ga about :P

We wouldn't mind if other people gave us money or gifts, but not demanding money or things from our father. We just couldn't do it. He tried so much to give us as comfortable life as he could, and demanding from him seemed ungrateful thing to do.

As for Ahmad's siblings, my-my, hearing their demand alone can make Ahmad go bald. Nasib baik memang dah botak hehehe.

Kasut baru lah, baju baru lah, walkman lah, motor lah, esok lusa mintak kereta pulak :shake head:

Yang ada pun masih elok lagi. "Dah tak muat," the mother justified. Hookaaayy.

Can't totally blame the kids though. They never had hard life, and pampered.

Later that evening, I overheard my SIL and MIL teaching the girl how to pujuk the father to top up more money so that she could have better jewellery than what she's eyeing. Another uh-oh, and I quickly dashed from the conversation place.

I couldn't go and tell my MIL not to pamper her child, could I? I badly needed to maintain my good DIL reputation :grin:

But I knew Ahmad was boiling inside. He wanted to protest so much, that he scolded the girl later that night when nobody's around except me by saying,"Buat apa nak pakai barang kemas. Kak Tini tak penah ada barang kemas pun. Dah nikah baru ada."

Heh, kenapa libatkan aku lak?

Note: Ahmad tried to be hard to his siblings before because he couldn't stand them behaving like that and so that they won't get too pampered, but his mum labeled him as "zalim", cruel. Now you get the idea eh?


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