>> Monday, January 03, 2005

We went to the zoo.

Versi Bahasa Melayu:
"Mari kita ke zoo,
Bergembira di situ...."

English version:
"Lets go to the zoo,
There're lots of things to do..."

Note: KFC and Zoo Negara joint advert back in the 90's.

Yeah you read it right, we went to the zoo. Of all things to do in a weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I took Ameer along to the grocery to buy snacks, which includes 2 cornettos hehe. The cornettos were intended for the parents, but Ameer snatched one so, a poor unlucky parent couldn't get it. The unlucky one wasn't me, off course :evil:

On our way back home, Ameer saw two pigeons. He became so excited and chased them. I would love to let him have the fun, but the thing is, we're on the road. Cars could come, and Ameer being small, chasing pigeons on the road is a dangerous thing to do. As he struggled in my arms, I thought, hey lets go to the zoo! Ameer would love it.

Furthermore, by going to the zoo, I'd be able to deceive Ahmad into sending the babycot to Aida's place. Heh, sly me.

Boy, was I right! Ameer loved every moment at the zoo. He couldn't even blink his eyes. At first, he was a little bit silence, looking at the elephants, donkeys, and flamingoes with amusement. Then, we departed from the van, and walked instead. That's when he became excited. He pointed to the tigers, rhinos, giraffe, and zebras, and squealed like mad. We had to sshh him, as everybody was looking at us.

Gosh, I didn't know rhino is that big! Surely die if I bump into them in the jungle. Ahmad said, you have to run zig zagly if you do bump into them, because rhino can only run straight. Woo, my engineer husband knows a lot about jungle survival maa?

We spent nearly two hours at the zoo. Ameer was reluctant to go back, but as soon as we're in the car, he fell asleep. Auwwww.

Funny thing is, he still points and squeals in his sleep. Wonder what animals he dreamt of, heh.

Later in the evening, he ran berserk in the apartment. Perhaps its the zoo aftermath symptoms. And I have no idea where he gets the tarzan thing from. He kept on doing the aaaa-aa-aa with his mouth wide open and a hand on the mouth, it irritated me so much!

Hello, I'm trying to watch The Apprentice here?!

All in all, its a fine weekend. Alhamdulillah.


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