>> Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nampak tak muka aku warna hijau?

:turning green:

Don't you think the signs kinda suspicious?

- pee more often than usual (it's cold la outside)
- sudden craving for fruits and sour mangoes (apa, takleh makan buah ke?)
- sudden craving for double cheese burger (alaaa standard la tu tetiba nak makan melamfau)
- nausea in the morning (hungry stomach la, that's why)
- those days are already 3 weeks late (errr...tersumbat on its way?)

Super gegegegege.

[OK, you can scold me now, start your nagging]

Ye lah, ye lah... tommorrow I'll go to the doctor to check.

If its true, then I'll bet I'm going to have major problem with the small boss. Weaning him from breast feeding will be difficult. Aiyooh, that one aaaa, if throw tantrum, traumatic you know. Throwing himself to the floor, banging his head, and wailing like crazy. I need major luck dealing with this.

Wish me luck :wink:


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