>> Tuesday, December 14, 2004

My late father had a soopah cool memory, people wise. He used to left me wallau wey?! and jaw dropping whenever he said, "oh, i think i knew him/her," then continuing to describe that person and telling me stories.

I remembered telling him one night, about my friendship with Syaol. He then stopped me to ask who her father is. There's no way I could forget Syaol's father name, because it kinda classic hehehe, so I told him. My father raised his eye brows and simply said,"He studied in USM, didn't he?" [Ok, correct me if I'm wrong Syaol because this conversation happened soo long ago and I didn't quite remember which Univ your father went to :D]


He told me which year Syaol's father was in, who his friends were (one of them was DSAI hehe), how popular he was, and even his nickname back in Univ, which was Bung, if I'm not mistaken.

How S.A.K became Bung is beyond me :P

The other time was when I told him details of Ahmad hehe. Yeah, those cucuk jarum session. He listened until I mentioned now-my-FIL name, and asked,"Did he go to SAS 1965?"

"There were two Alias, one is fair, the other one is not. I believe his father is the fair one."

"He was in Class E with the rest of East Coast students."

and so on, so on.

I tell you, cool or not?


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