Lari bogel.

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Screamed until the voice croaked like frogs to no avail.

All he did was giggled and ran away, half naked.

I'm so tired dealing with this monkey-attitude, so I just let him running bogel with only his diaper on.

Ten minutes later he came to the mattress, laying playfully with the parents. Especially dunking himself onto my stomach. Ggrr, not mama's stomach please!

And still naked.

Finally I said, "Ameer nak pegi jalan-jalan tak? Kalau nak, pakai baju dulu eh?"

He quickly stood up and gave me his clothes. Then he went to pick his shoes up, and whined all the way as the parents were getting ready.

I never knew I have to bribe my own son, just for him to put his clothes on :shook head:

Ameer says, so clever!


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