Ada apa dengan bola?

>> Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If you accidently switched on a channel showing football match, you might have guess that it may make your husband's head turns and gets his attention. But a 16-months old baby boy?

Now. That's amusing.

Perhaps in the Y chromosom of male kind, they have special traits for liking for balls or cars, and liking to chase birds (since all boys Ameer's age in the nursery seems to like chasing birds). And as they grow up, instead of chasing birds, they chase hot chicks.

No, I didn't mean roasted chickens.


On another occasion.

Ameer did something naughty. So Abah scolded him.

As usual, whenever he gets scolding from one parent, he turns to another for cajoling. But since we have an agreement not to contradict each other in bringing up our kids, I maintained a firm yet gentle voice and tried to explain why he was scolded.

But he wanted more than that, and didn't want to stop crying. Aiyoh.. malas le nak layan :P (Furthermore, me waiting for my Korean dramas hehe)

Lucky me, at that moment 8TV showed football match on the news. So he stopped crying, and watched with eyes wide open.

And cried again when clips of the football match ended.

Heh. Macam-macam pon ada.


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