Meeting Farid.

>> Friday, February 04, 2005

After the meeting with Maxis at Menara Maxis, one of the guys offered me a ride to the office. My stupid mouth went,"Takpe, saya ada agenda lain."

Am I crazy or what?

Telling an Assistant General Manager that I have another 'agenda' when we were in KLCC?

I refused the offer because I found it awkward to be in a car with 'other man'. But, couldn't I find a better word to say it rather than implying that I wanted to go shopping?

Maybe stupid is my second name. Oh wait, is it the first?


I was waiting for the lrt in KLCC station when I noticed a miscall. So, I called the number back.

It's Aini on the other end.

Bla bla alang bla bla penn state bla bla klcc bla bla 1.00 p.m. bla bla (check the time) bla bla abes aku nak buat apa sementara tu? bla bla bla ha ok ok.

Next, called up Aida.

Bla bla oi, what to do at KLCC bla bla gila bosan bla bla aa, depan KFC bla bla.

Then I wandered around KLCC aimlessly. It was just 12.00 noon, still have another one hour to kill. Argh, what a boring place KLCC is!

Well, it wouldn't be that boring if I had the rich people's wallet.

Ah, lucky me. There's Time next to KFC. Walked into the bookstore, screened the books, and then picked up one. Boy Meet Girl by Meg Cabot. The same author for Princess Diaries.

One page after another, I was hooked. Believe it, I actually sat on the floor to read. People stared, but did I care? NOT!

Ah damn! Now I need to buy the book. Curiousity not only kills the cat, but me. I SO hate myself. Next time, pick a boring biography instead.

But nothing beats reading a good book while waiting.


"So, Kak Tini bla bla bla?"

Blink blink.

I seemed not to hear the rest. For a few moments, I was dumbstrucked.. uh oh, Kak Tini?

Dunno why, but hearing Farid addressing me as Kak Tini sounded, weird.

These people were very polite calling me kak and stuff like that, and I went ho ho aku bla bla kau bla bla hampeh bla bla then ho ho lagi.

Then, I heard someone asked Farid how old his brother is.

"We're only two years apart."

My head went, these people are 24, so the brother must be 26.

"Oo.. so, 27 this year."

Eh? What happened to my Math?

"You guys 25?"

"Ye le." Aida and Aini chorused.

Ngaaa.. then I'll be 26 this year? Not happening. Are you sure you're 25 girls?

"Dah 26 pon perangai masih macam budak-budak." Aini
"Anak dah nak dua, takkan le muda lagi." Aida

Huhuhu sampainya hatimu :P


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