Polka Dot Wira.

>> Monday, February 21, 2005

My new black Wira ahem, yes no more Kancil due to 'alleged' addition to the family ahem, looks like a leopard. Instead of being orange with black spot, our car is black with white spot. Well, hope the onlookers will see it as a new fashion or something, but obviously people don't paint spots on their windows.

I think most of them thought that we borrowed money for Along and didn't pay up, from the look of their faces on the jammed Federal Highway. Some nastily giggled.

Oh well. What can I do? I had nagged enough. Furthermore, there's no point of nagging. Men just wouldn't listen, because they can only do one thing at a time. When they play games, they play games. They don't play games and listen to wifey nagging.

And it's been three days eversince the car get splashed with paint, luckily it's only cat kapur if not die la, but still no effort of washing. It's not that he has to bring down pails of water from 9th floor and get all soaked and soaped. All he needs to do is drives the car to the nearest car wash, sits around reading newspaper, and perhaps watches girls passing by. Like, that is so hard?

Oh. His sojourn is a lot more important that he would die not playing.


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