The day I was born.

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I didn't know-

1. There was a tremor last night. Two times, but I slept all night through like a dog;

2. Everybody in my apartment gathered on the compound in fear of building collapse;

3. The police came to check everybody had already out of their apartment. (But obviously they didn't check on us);

4. Reporters of both print and electronic media came to cover the news;

until H (who live in the same apartment) told me as I walked to the office.


5. I didn't know it's my birthday.

Until Lynn wished me as I walked pass her.

To think about it, Lynn might purposely be coming early in the morning, since I seldom see her in her seat when I arrived at the office, to be the first person to wish me. Heh.

Ye kan Lynn? Eleh, jangan la memalu nak mengaku :P

Geez, I'm old. No wonder I even forget my own birthday.


Budak, hari ni berapa hari bulan? Pandang penuh konspirasi.
Huh? 29. Muka selamba badak.
Jegil mata raksasa gorgon.
Aaa? Ooo. Makin selenge, gorilla pon kalah.

Eee... rasa nak ketuk-ketuk je.

So? Takde pe pe ke?
Saya tak selebret birthday.



SMS from in laws
Happy Birthday, Tini! Bla bla bla Hope Ahmad remembered your birthday.

Thank you. Well, he just gave me his emotionless expression when I asked him what day is today. As expected.

At least you're cool! Kalau K.X mesti dah merajuk.

Yeah. No bracelet for me, thank you.

Perhaps you should sms this to your hubby. Mana lah tau malam ni dia ajak to a nice dinner.

Takpe, I tak kisah pon. No merajuking is going to change him. Dah paham dah dia tu :)

He's lucky that I don't have the energy to play the sulking game this year. Carrying the extra baggage is already too tiring to engage in a battle.


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