Robbed in broad daylight.

>> Monday, March 28, 2005

If you think Maybank is the best bank in Malaysia, think again. (This is not intended to attack its employee though :D)

My husband draw his money from one Maybank ATM last week. He never got his money though.

Until today.

But his account had already been deducted. What the???

He had reported to Maybank MidValley branch. Promises were made, but until today, we were deprived of smelling the hard earned money.

It seems that that particular ATM always had problems. So, why haven't Maybank do something about it?

RM1,500 is quite big for some miskin-fella like us. We know la the bank has the largest customer base or whatever, but that is going to change if the customers didn't get what we are supposed to get. Which is, our own money. And the high quality of service that Maybank is supposed to provide.

As soon as we're able to solve this problem, Mat Sojourn* is so going to switch to Bank Islam.

* New nickname for the tabligh-turned-Pejuang Sojourn Mat Tabligh :D


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