Don't get him wrong.

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I think I gave a lot of wrong impression about him addicted to Sojourn. Yes, he is beyond-help addicted, but it is not all bad.

It's just me being such a sour woman.

As a doting wife, I should be happy for him right? I should be happy when he's happy. And when you love somebody, you love him/her for who he/she is, not for what you want him/her to be. I love him then (and still is), seven years ago, when he was already a Sojourn addict, so why bitter now?

Perhaps I should blame his brain. I can't expect him to be like the normal ideal husband, when he's too genius for that.

I mean, what do you call a guy who; didn't go to class, didn't do his assignments, sometimes didn't go to mid-term test, did his supposedly-one-year research paper only one month before submission - all that thanks to Sojourn - but still didn't flunk his degree in telecommunication engineering, one of the hardest engineering of all, which means that his final exam paper alone is enough to get him through university; if not a genius?

A genius need to exercise their brain with something mega. If not, they'll go kapoot.

And, when I think about it deeply, the game also enhance his already-genius mental ability. Since the game needs a good imagination of routes and scene, because as I told earlier it's all pure text, not even a single picture of dragon, and if they do, the dragon is something made of XXXX and TTTT if you know what I mean, so the game is a real exercise for the brain, especially the long term memory. (Sadly though, his short term memory lost its screw already. Kept on forgetting where he put his things)

Imagine this. He's driving, and somebody called him for a technical problem at sites. He'll go instructing this and this and that, step by step, with his hands on the wheel, his eyes on the road, and without a computer in front of him. It's like, he has all the computer instruction memorized in his head. Telan buku manual ke hapa tu?

Then, if someone reports a problem which involves vendors, he goes reporting it like,

I want to report site, number XXXXXXXXXX.
The contact person is so and so.
The contact no. is XXXXXXXXX.

Without blinking.

I was like, hello??? How do you remember all that numbers, without looking at your user manual?

And he has like, 200 sites?

I should be proud of him.

Actually, I am. I had always been. It just that I didn't really want to say it. Or show it.

But if you really look into my eyes when I'm complaining, you can see the love.

.............. damn lame.


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