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>> Monday, March 21, 2005

The Purple Rothe Commons Room
Exits: -N -D
A suit of jet black chainmail lays in a heap upon the ground.
A spiked black mace lyas in the dust here.
A small battleaxe with a red blade lays here.
A Zhentarim diplomat sits on a stool here, looking very uncomfortable.
An illithid priest of Maanzecorian sits at a table here, meditating.
An enigmatic traveler lurks in the shadows, observing the inn.
Viconia the innkeep wanders about the room here, serving drinks.
< 472h/442H 186p/186P 129v/130V >
< P: std > n
Ust Circle - North
Exits: -E -S -W
A merchant from Tethyr strolls about fearfully, eyes downcast.
< 472h/442H 186p/186P 128v/130V >
< P: std > Ust Circle - North
Exits: -N -E -S -W -D
A ravenar fountain gurgles softly here.
A large bulletin board is mounted here.
A drunken drow stumbles about here, muttering to himself.
A slavering hell hound growls deep in its throat.
< 472h/442H 186p/186P 127v/130V >
< P: std > who evil s

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