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>> Monday, March 21, 2005

"Sapa berak?"
"Iye!" with his hand in the air.

Heh. If I wasn't in the bathroom, harus la aku ROTFL.


Perhatian: Posting sebelum ini adalah rupabentuk sebenar permainan Sojourn seperti mana yang terpapar di tetingkap Telnet. Bukan Sumber Koda. Ya, permainan tersebut adalah teks semata.

p/s: itu baru skit, tak tengok lagi mantera2 yang digunakan oleh Pejuang Sojourn Terbilang, Mat dah-tak Tabligh, untuk melawan pihak musuh :P


Ten Steps for Successful Weekend:

1. Rise and shine as early as the sun. Well, you really don't have a choice. Some kids tend to wake up early. If you don't follow suit, they'll pledge to make you life miserable. Like, slamdunking on your stomach.

2. For time consuming, you let the washing machine works while you sleep. Morning came, you hang the clean laundry while the weather is still nice, and not so hot. Plus, there's a lot of birds outside the balcony to entertain your kids.

3. Blackmail your husband for an outing for an excellent solution of your kids whimpy behavior. (Plus, you'll trick him into buying lunch instead of you preparing it) Start blackmailing one hour before, because it's not easy for men to give up their PS2.

4. Leave the house before 10 when the young couples in love is still in slumber. Before 11 is acceptable. Never 12, because these lovesick peeps usually date for lunch and cinema.

5. If you only managed to get out of the house after 12, due to your husband's fierce battle with dragons, don't go to MidValley. Instead, go to AmCorp Mall. You'll save energy from cursing the traffic jam and parking.

6. Make sure that the outing involves places which will easily amuse your kids. Like, in One Utama, they have Rainforest and a huge tank glass where you can see fishes inside (including baby shark), and Pets Wonderland. Get ready for your kids embarassing squels of delight. Its okay though, since whatever kids do is cute as long as it does not involve rolling on the floor, kicking and wailing like a wolf in public :P

7. Best of all, all the excitement will make your kids dog-tired. They'll sleep as soon as you get in the car, until late in the evening.

8. While they are sleeping, it's your happy time. You can watch the tv, read your Meg Cabot, daydream as you flip the IKEA catalog yada yada yada. For some good moms and wives, perhaps you spend your time folding the clean clothes, picking the toys on the floor, vacuuming, preparing for dinner, you know kinds of things Aida/Aini might do :D

9. Use the night to prepare for the weekdays. Put all your kids stuff is their nursery bag. Iron office attires. Pick underwears and stokings. Ensure your handbag has everything you need. (OK, so I lied. I do these on office-days morning. Iron cincai only :P) And, don't forget to watch The Apprentice.

Most importantly,

10. Ignore your sojourn-addict husband as you do the chores. There's no point striking conversation (read: nag) when he's high.


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