>> Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'll bet the new building would have even more hantus than the existing one.

Both buildings were abandoned in 1997 due to economic recession. Menara however, was occupied in 2002. During our first years, there were many stories of conflict between 'that-thing' and human beings. The conflict might not be intentional, since both 'that-thing' and us human being shares the building and how would they know that just a mere glimpse of appearance would scare us like death, not to mention that perhaps we were the ones to scare them just like what The Others tried to tell us, but there were a few naughty ones, so the stories goes.

As time goes by, we didn't hear any of the stories anymore. We were told then, that the Management had managed to get Prof Harun Din, or someone as good as him in this ghostbuster business, to solve the problem. This is MAJOR problem, you know. How do you expect people to work in a building knowing that 'that-thing' too roam the place? No one dared to OT, and mostly leave the office as soon as the clock ticks five. Employee performance suggestfully went unsatisfactory. 'Suggestfully' because no matter what you do, people may still not perform, heh --> Pesanan Penaja: Change, people. Change!

OK, enough crap. Now back to my hantu story. So, this guy managed to coax the 'that-thing' and transported them to a place where they should belong, in Genting Highland or somewhere in the jungle. If you've ever wonder why the ride up Genting Highland is creepy or something, now you know. But please don't let this maybe-true-maybe-not story deter you from having fun in Genting :wink: They got super VIP ride in a bus, yes you heard me right, which make me wonder what a brave bus driver. He should be given a year bonus.

Datuk, how about our bonus? :flirty eyes:

Off course there were 'stone head' ones, refusing to move. Why move, Menara had been their homes like forever, and human beings were the ones who invaded their home. OK, I'm just putting myself in their shoes la kan, not that I have six sense or understand their language whatsoever. To solve this problem, our tere guy here made them promised that they should never mess with human beings, make any appearance, or purposely scare people in Menara. If this promise ever broken, stricter actions will be taken. I don't really know what the actions are since I was not told in detail, but perhaps the guy threatened to make them vanished forever or something as severe. It must be quite a severe punishment, since there were no stories of them ever since.

After looking at the historical details of such a building, it may suggest that the new building that I will occupy in perhaps a few weeks or months, which had never been occupied for say nine years, will experience such a thing. In fact, the conflicts may be a little bit heavier, looking at the many years of abandon. However, some people had moved, but no stories yet. Perhaps the Management have been a lot more proactive. They have settled the problem even before they arises. Which is good, because employee emotional state will be greatly affected by such supernatural conflict, eventually affecting employee performance and organization as a whole. But let see, OK. Who knows that perhaps 'that-thing' just waiting for perfect timing and more audience to scare, which may provides personal satisfaction, as well as boost their self esteem and pride.

Or, I may have 'unauthorized' excessive time and unoccupied brain capacity to think of such a thing when I should be thinking of more intellectual stuff like, why hasn't Donald Trump fire Ivana?


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