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>> Tuesday, March 08, 2005

[1] In the car:"No sojourn for tonight. I need to do my work, and you need to entertain Ameer."
First reminder upon reaching home:"No sojourning."
Second:"After Isya' is my turn."

His hands were finally off the keyboard at 8.30 p.m.

[2] Now. I regret that I wasted two hours of precious office time to satisfy my inappropiate desire for unintelligent analysis on hantu, which does not in any way contribute to the improvement to the life of human beings. On a second thought though, it does contribute a little bit, since fear is human's greatest enemy, and many humans fear hantu. That human might be you. Heh.

Anyway, had I spent my time efficiently this evening, I may not need to force my eyes to wide awake and my brain to function for something much more constructive. Well, not to say that analysing the bitching in America's Next Top Model is not constructive as well as a waste of time, but no one can argue that preparing product plans is a real challenge to your mental disability. If you give me a choice though, there's no way I would choose a product plan over ANTM. IF.

Time for beauty sleep. Tada.


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