She always do this.

>> Friday, March 04, 2005

Received from Boss at 3/3/05 2.25 p.m.
Dear Hartini,
Pls prepare the product brief as required by A. Pls use the template as attached. If possible, please complete it by end of the day. I need to go through before we get endorsement from GM. TQ.

Replied at 3/3/05 4.21 p.m.
Dear Puan B,
With the *toot* hormones that dwindles my brain capability by perhaps half plus the need to submit a welcoming speech for Mr. C tommorrow morning, there is minimal probability that I can finish it by today.

This means that there is no need of you to approve my leave for tommorrow.


Yes, I actually emailed her that. I didn't know what came to me. Thank God performance appraisal is over.

And I do hope she didn't realised the sarcism in my last sentence.

Perhaps I'm Meg Cabot overdosed.

Anyway, gotta memorize this mantra in my head. Change! Change! Change!

Work for the Organization, not the other way around.

Love your job, and have fun!

:flash silly smile to the computer:


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