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>> Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Apart from the ordinary kicking, tossing and catching, he now can toss the ball in the air and kick it.

Quite impressive eh?

Better stop here before I start bragging.


Perhaps the creative people behind "Diriku bukan sekadar nombor" didn't have the opportunity to attend TMW team building.

Because if they do, they won't put bukan in the tagline.

For human mind works in term of pictures. When you say baby, I see Ameer's visual in my mind. When you say cat, I see Buntut's picture in my mind. Off course if you say computer games, I see Mat Sojourn at his computer table with spider cobweb all around him. I can also visualize myself putting a thick Economic hardcover textbook on his head without him even realising.

So, if you tell me NO, what's in my mind? Nothing. Takde. Kosong. Mindaku hitam gelap gulita.

Instead of "Diriku bukan sekadar nombor", the memory in my mind will store "Diriku sekadar nombor." Sama macam "Taknak rokok!", yang stored in your mind is "Rokok!"

So now, thanks to the advert, Malaysian will always remembers the company as syarikat jual telefon. Since in the mind of the customers, numbers in telecommuncation industry means telephone services. Voice. Yes, it is OK that people knows we provide telephone services, but the thing is DATA is the 'it' thing. Not voice. Voice is shrinking, data is growing.

Perhaps the objective of the advert is that, the company provides not only voice but also data. But in my opinion, kalau follow cakap facilitator team building, the tagline will backfire. They should look for a more loud and clear, positive tagline, macam Celcom punya, THIS IS CELCOM TERRITORY. Mesejnya terang, jelas dan nyata. Sekali baca orang dah faham.

Yang aku kompius cuma satu, apsal iklan celcom dalam TV warna purple dengan kuning? Bukan logo celcom warna biru & merah ke?


From todays meeting, [nama unit] advised us to put up the request for the [nama product aku] capability to [nama unit aku] specifically to [nama aku] & cc to [nama bos].

Uh uh.

Pergh. Power ah. Orang kena request specifically kat aku. Pergh. Still tak pecaya lagi nih. Dasyat sungguh peranan aku.

Adoi la. Sepatutnya orang request kat bos ler, then dia akan forward the request to me. Not the other way around. Sebab kalau direct kepada aku, ada harapan aku tak paham langsung. Bos yang akan beri tunjuk ajar. Ini bukan hal operation. Ini hal kena buat analysis. Kena buat paper. Kena dapat endorsement Management. So, kalau ada apa-apa request, sepatutnya melalui bos ler. Bukan orang bawah.

Hai. Macam-macam ada.


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